With constant pressure from customers for improving quality and cutting costs, maintaining high quality standards has become the need of the hour for any industry. Both these factors, in turn, contribute to improving the bottom line of the organization. For a manufacturing company, this assumes perhaps the greatest significance.

Pro-QMS is a feature rich and rugged software product for implementation of on-line Statistical Process Control (SPC), and is designed to serve the needs of the Indian shop floor environment. In addition to meeting the on-line SPC requirements, Pro-QMS provides facilities to implement comprehensive Measurement System Analysis (MSA) and Tool Life Monitoring. The net result of an effective implementation of Pro-QMS is manifested through reduced cost of rejection & rework, include margins and increased customer satisfaction.

The benefits of a software product of this type to a large extent depend on how effectively it is deployed, including the implementations of the actions prompted by it. Experience of our customers highlights the fact that, through achievement of all the below mentioned objectives and advantages, a 100% return on investment made in Pro-QMS, in the first year itself is not uncommon.


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