Pro-QMS Advantage

On-line Data Capture: Pro-QMS collects data on-line from quality gauges, instruments and fixtures which are connected to the PC through device driver/s and the interface box supplied by DSS. This data capture is done simply by pressing a switch, thereby avoiding writing down the readings and then entering them manually into the PC through its keyboard. Besides saving time, this obviates the possibility of transcription errors, and the need for training the operators for computer operation.

Instantaneous Analysis for Minimizing Rejection and Rework: The captured data is quickly analyzed to display the process behavior, including the warnings based on trend analysis, in the form of SPC charts (for both, variable as well as attributive parameters). This early detection of non-conformities, as highlighted by such trend analysis, enables production people to take corrective as well as preventive actions for minimizing rejections and re-work on the shop floor, resulting in lower cost of production.

Control of Production Operations: Pro-QMS greatly facilitates analysis and control of production operations by providing the relevant data through:

  Instantaneous display of all types of control charts and histograms with Cp/Cpk and Pp/Ppk calculations
  Several reports including Cost of Rejection, Machinewise Cp/Cpk and Pp/Ppk Analysis.

Remote Monitoring of the Critical Operations/Parameters: Pro-QMS provides a dashboard like facility to enable monitoring of the critical parameters of the important operations from the managerial terminals. This serves the purpose of making quality everyone’s concern – not only the operators, inspectors and supervisors, but all concerned managers at all levels can now be directly involved with quality.

Proactive Methodology: Pro-QMS stores the past data and makes it available to the quality analyst/s to carry out root cause analysis so as to identify and, through preventive solutions, eliminate occurrence of rejection.

Process Improvement: Pro-QMS provides the means to improve overall processes, and thereby the end product, by providing quality measurement and defects data for analysis using Six Sigma or TQM or any other process improvement methodology.

Conformance to Quality Standards QS 9000/TS 16949: Both these standards, as a key requirement, expect implementation of SPC on the shop floor. Pro-QMS provides a perfect solution for this, not only through such compliance, but also through implementation of Measurement Systems Analysis including ensuring timely calibration of gauges and fixtures.
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