Product Features

System Configuration: As a one time activity, part, process, parameters and other details can be entered into a master file to configure the system.

Quality Assurance Plan: Ability to create comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) which details the quality plan by part, process & part parameters for all components and operations, including defining control limits, sample size and sample frequency.

Online Data Acquisition: Online collection of data accurately and efficiently simply by the press of a switch, and this is done through integration and support for gauges and instruments of multiple manufacturers. See how its done.

Instantaneous Computation and Analysis of Data: Control Charts & Run Charts (XbarR, XbarS, XMR, X, Pre-Control, P, NP, U, C, etc) as well as Histogram (including the test for normality) with instantaneous computation and display of Skewness, Kurtosis, Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk values. See how its done.

Feedback to Operator: Provision for visual and audio alerts on any non-conformity, through interpretation of Control Charts and Run Charts.

Remote Monitoring: Dashboard facility for display of Control Charts and parameter readings of the critical operations on a manager’s station, which is remotely placed, to get instant feedback on process behavior.

Online Non-conformity Management: The system prompts the user to identify cause/s of non-conformity, corrective action/s taken to prevent further non-conformities, and take disposal action (such as sort, scrap, repair etc). The cost of non-conformity is calculated based on the disposal action decided.

Monitoring of Gauges: The gauges can be monitored with respect to the timely calibration to ensure accuracy of the readings being taken from them.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA): Pro-QMS provides comprehensive Measurement System Analysis on the basis of GR & R, Linearity, Stability and Bias. See how its done.

Tool Life Monitoring: This feature defines and monitors several aspects of the tools used in the manufacturing process. The remnant life of the tool used can be monitored in order to avoid problems occurring due to tool wear and tear.

Reports: Pro-QMS has provision for reports such as Machinewise Analysis, Job Summary, Pending Corrective Actions, History Data, Global Monitoring, Cost of Rejection, Gauges Due for Calibration, etc.The unique feature of this software is that these reports can be printed as well as e-mailed.

Export of Measurement Data for Root Cause Analysis: Quality measurement data for a component/ operation, for a selected period, can be exported to MS Excel, so as to enable root cause analysis to be performed on it.

Export of Measurement Data to ERP Systems: Quality measurement data captured can also be exported to MS Excel, from where the data can be imported in the ERP systems deployed.

Scalable Architecture: Pro-QMS provides scalable client/server architecture and supports databases such as MS-Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

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