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DSS is a 29 yrs old company with 1800 person years of software development experience, across 450 software projects, covering multiple environments and technologies in various industry segments. Our track record includes all aspects of the full SDLC (Requirements Analysis, Functional Design and Specs, Architecture, System Modeling, Programming, Testing & QA, Deployment, Maintenance and Support).We also undertake Product Development & Re-engineering with Implementation, and Transcription Services.

Our service offerings are characterized by:

Tried and tested processes, institutionalized under ISO 9001:2000 certification and SEI CMM
Level 4 assessment
Tightly contained operations leading to competitive pricing.
Optimum size resulting in quick and flexible response to customers.
In-depth guidance of senior management with a combined industry experience of 100 years
Strong and enduring customer relationships.
A nurtured environment of re-training.
Fast learning skills in assimilating relevant emerging technologies.
Innovation in applying these technologies to solutions desired by customers.

Our principle focus is on partnering global ISVs and OEMs in the mid-size and small sectors, including start-ups.

Apart from software development, DSS also has a Six Sigma Consulting practice. With a successful track record of deployments in the Manufacturing and Services companies, DSS has now expanded its Six Sigma practice to the Software & IT Sector as well.

Product Features
Online Data Acquisition
Instantaneous Computation and Analysis of Data
Online Non-conformity Management

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
Scalable Architecture

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